A Sound Of Thunder

A Grave Matter

Fortune Favors The Bold

As the party made haste to the graveyard, old arguments saw fresh light when the conversation regarding party member compensation was brought forth. Damzer had brought up how he felt slighted by the division of party treasure and receives very little (monetary) gratitude for his healing magics. Aaliyah wisely brought up that this was neither the time nor the place for such a discussion. Damzer angered at not having the last word decided to depart company for the time being and follow his own leads; OCI-10 decided to accompany him on this errand.

The remaining party members arrived at the Harglast graveyard; all was quiet, far away
from the noise of the city streets. The well managed grass was dotted grave stones of varying height and sizes, towards the middle stood the burned husk of a small but ancient mausoleum. Perhaps it was the atmosphere, or the time of night, but certain members of the party sensed eyes that watched over their activities here, though You see no person was in sight.

Eager to impress, Safeek bravely charged ahead. Were it not for his quickness, a bony hand would have pulled him under to join it in eternal slumber. As the other members of the group made way to join, more assailants stepped out from the shadows; a well-polished skeletal tiefling and a hobgoblin spellcaster. As the hobgoblin spellcaster rained fiery death upon the party, another set of eyes watched things unfold. From the darkness emerged a cloaked figure. Not knowing him to be friend or foe, Eianthir Cloudchaser unleashed a devasting attack with his quarterstaff upon the head of this new player. To everyone’s surprise this unknown person then began to assist the heroes in turning back the tide of undead.

As the smoke cleared, introductions were made. The unknown person was revealed to be a tiefling named Elgash Palantir, one time friend of _______, an inquisitive that was on the trail of The Cult of the Reborn Flame before meeting his demise at their hands. Eager to assist the party in anyway he can, Elgash officially offered his assistance to the party.

Using the recovered clay tablets, they were able to divine a map of ley lines that covered the area, on them were marked areas of high activity. Cross-referencing them with a proper map of Harglast they noticed that two of the marked places were familiar: the playhouse from earlier, and the graveyard they are currently located at. The third spot was a little known gambling den, a likely place to find the cultist if any. Without haste the brave adventurers made way.

More to come soon.


Treasure Found


Potions Cure Light Wounds x4


XP Gained:

Maq 600
Bob 550
Marc 600
Greg 550
Danya 550
Peter 550

A Grave Matter

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