Elgash Palantir


Despite the horns protruding from his head and pointing tail, Elgash has always gotten along well in cosmopolitan society. Perhaps it’s because he was the purveyor of the necessities in a lively city night life- among his finest establishments were the brothel and gambling hall in LARGEST CITY HERE. Or perhaps some feared the return of his great, great, great, great grandfather to enact revenge on any would-be enders of the family bloodline. Either way, it made no difference to him, as long as he could use it to his advantage in the gambling hall. I won’t say it was a fortunate series of adept sleights-of-hand that begat his fortune, but rather that LUCK GOD is still lingering in this realm for a little while longer than some thought. Who cares if it’s a nightly occurrence that a drunkard shambles, stumbles, or tumbles over to give him a bearhug? They never realize where his tail is as they lift him exuberantly off the ground, and somehow, he’s ok with the whole ordeal. The fools need him and they know it.

What more could a fiendish rake ask for? He wouldn’t even need the patrons or the establishments to live a great life! Why, not when you have his “talents” at games of chance. Elgash makes a killing every night from copious unsuspecting drunkards.

You can understand then, how when he was challenged a year ago to his favorite and most lucrative game he naturally agreed. Perhaps he shouldn’t have taken the dark aura around this person so casually; but hey, do you know what kind of people come and go at these places? I can forgive him for that, but perhaps he shouldn’t have agreed to the silly riddle this fool presented to him in the form of a wager. Something about nightmares? Oh, I forget, but there was 200 platinum right there for the taking! Why not go for it?! Most idiots wager coin, but this one was like taking candy from a baby! Win-win, I say.

…Because the tricks one uses become a crutch when taken away. Luck. Luck was all he had in this one. No tail. No ambidexterity. Just his good friend, Ol’ Lady L. Perhaps she doesn’t smile so wide on Elgash? Nawww…that can’t be. I still maintain that this mystery opponent used trickery to keep our friend Elgash out of tools. It was like his usual tricks were stowed away somewhere deep in his mind, to an irretrievable place even though he knows they’re there.

Nightmares. When Elgash looks back upon that night, before he lets out a long sigh, he chuckles at how he wishes he had what he once called nightmares again. He chuckles again for his stupidity in taking that mysterious wanderer for granted. If he had known then what he knows through his visions now, he would undoubtedly have said “no” … for just once in his life, he would have turned down his favorite game.

If a positive can be said about the new Elgash, it’s that he’s taken to the library, locking himself away for days at a time. Perhaps it’s knowledge about his visions that drive him? Or perhaps he’s interested in what some people call “magic”? LUCK GOD only knows what he’s been up to in there, but I say any education is a good thing, no matter the cause.

The only thing he’s shared with us, is that he must seek the wanderers of his dreams. They will lead him to the answers that haunt him; he has seen them in his visions. He has dreamed of the meeting location…he knows they are there. Why? Why do these adventurers hold the secret to his terrors? At least they will provide better entertainment than the stumbling drunks he’s accustomed to. In due time, it will all be revealed to him, whether he wants it or not.

/evil laugh…..

Elgash Palantir

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