Cult of the Reborn Flame

Cultists who worship the Raging Flame.


Fanatical brown-robed men and women, willing to die for their cause.


The members of the Reborn Flame cult seek to master the Reborn Flame (a.k.a., Raging Flame), before their sworn enemy the Firequenchers do. They believe the Firequenchers are evil, posing as helpful and friendly, but they are not; if they master it first, they shall cause it to consume all of Tarmalune in a massive conflagration. The cult seeks to prevent this.
Their members come from all walks of life, but all have recently been in Sambral, another Windrise Port, where they had received indoctrination. As part of their final ceremony, they burned the building they were meeting in to the ground. They do not know where the other cultists moved onto in Sambral after that, as they came to Tarmalune.

Cult of the Reborn Flame

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