Arcaranin de Eyllis-tlarn

Quite magical, clearly superior


Meaning of this name (Arcaranin de Eyllis-tlarn) in the base, common tongue:
Golden arcane rite from the Lands of Mysteries

Many centuries ago, there was Sindarin de Eyllis-tlarn, a great research wizard of the deeper wood elves and grandfather of Arcaranin. Even amongst the great elven-wizards of those parts, Sindarin was held in high regard for his unique discoveries and knowledge.
In the later part of Sindarin’s life he delved ever deeper into the elemental planes and mastered portalling, conjuring, communicating, and even elemental transformation. His goal was to master all the elements. Neigh, this was more than just a goal as it had become his spiritual passion to unlock the mysteries of the world via the elemental realms. Deriding warnings from his peers and family, he explored ever deeper into each of the elemental dimensions … and one day he went too far.
Some say he had the ultimate success, while others guessed it was the worst mistake. Not content with his abilities to transform into any elemental at will and communicate with their realms, he sought to transform himself fully and thus traverse the causal dimensions of adjacent and higher frequency planes. It was then that he suddenly vanished from our beloved forests – never to be seen again. Upon his exit from our reality, it was clear what had happened because where his arcane study had been, there was left a bizarre rift in space that distorted and sometimes displaced beings like a giant vacuum. The strongest wizards then came together to seal off this entire area to protect everyone else from its unknown effects. One could say that Sindarin has added much to the mysteries of our enchanted woods.
So it was no great surprise when several of his descendants began exhibiting spontaneous and awesome elemental traits. It is suspected that the element most likely to manifest in his off-spring is the one that most closely matches their personality. Arcaranin, being nearly as passionate about exploration and power as his grandfather, surprised no-one when he exhibited an affinity for air.
Along with such strong magical exploits and heritage, Arcaranin’s family also had a shrewd business sense. Thus a highly profitable – as well as beneficial – family lineage was established in the lofty fey woods near the House of Eyllis-tlarn. They dealt in the production and trade of magic implements of all sorts.
It was not long before the soulful wanderlust in his heart got the better and Arcaranin joined a merchant caravan one day to begin his travels. These companions became quickly tiresome, however, as he kept having another craving for high mountains, but still can’t fathom why this is.
Arcaranin is not so much arrogant (especially towards the lower life forms) as his clan tends to; he instead is so aloof as to sometimes appear absent minded or spaced out. His attention is solid, but having awareness of such a lofty elemental realm has its effects on one.
It is a distant goal that one or more of his siblings may one day find a way, either alone or joined together, to rediscover the path and mysterious powers of his grandfather, Sindarin. Until then, Arcaranin is following his own deeply rooted feelings in the awesome and far-reaching power that surges through his veins and beckons him onward, upward …

Arcaranin de Eyllis-tlarn

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