A Sound Of Thunder

The Play's The Thing

Never Play Dice With Goblins

Reuniting with Eianthir, the party was introduced to two new compatriots-in-arms, Arcaranin de Eyllis-tlarn, an elven wizard, and Safeek Urganamov, a water genasi monk. Understanding that they shared common goals they embarked with the party to put an end to The Cult of the Reborn Flame.

Having followed up on the information they learned in Ramekho, the adventurers arrived in the port city of Harglast, intent upon the belief that the leader of the fire cult was residing within the city. Once out of the docks and well within the city walls, the expanded party traveled quickly to an old, abandoned playhouse that was owned by Pyrultimus believing it to be a safehouse by the cult. Upon entering the playhouse, the party surprised several cultists who were midway to setting ablaze the one-time theatre. After the battle, amidst the debris the party found Kalesstin, whom was taken hostage by the cultists. Kalesstin, grateful for the assistance, explained everything she knew about the cult, and advised the party to seek out Thelia Ondertos, proprietor of The Leaping Hart Tavern, and Puk, a local street urchin.

Knowing where to find Kalesstin, the party headed to her first. There the adventurers partook in drink, gossip, and even a rousing game of Goblin Dice. Some party members were able to earn Kalesstin’s trust, and confided in them that Halagothra was in town looking into the Cult’s activities. It was at this time that Aaliyah noticed a hooded individual had taken great interest in their activities at the tavern. Charging out the door, the mysterious stranger had been too quick for her and blended well with the hustle and bustle of the street.

Reforming, the party shared all that transpired and went off searching for Puk; finding him proved easier than initially assumed and the group was able to earn his trust too. Puk had previously witnessed strange activities performed by the cultists in the town’s graveyard, and afterwards stole a piece of tablet left behind. Very interested in this ceremony, the party asked to be taken to the site of said ritual. Upon arriving to the grounds, Puk beat a very hasty retreat; having no interest in knowing what (or who) the adventurers may discover.


Treasure Found

Belt Of Vigor
Cage of Salzacas


XP Gained:

Maq 250
Bob 250
Marc 250
Richard 250
Patrick 250
Greg 250
Danya 250

The Play's The Thing

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