Watersouls are humans who trace their ancestry to creatures from the Plane of Water. Even at first glance, one notices the potency of their ancestry, for a Watersoul’s very flesh mimics the color of lakes, seas, and oceans. Whether they have the blood of marids or water mephitis as their kin, all Watersouls define themselves through their ancestry. They perceive their individual differences as gifts and explore the supernatural aspects of their unique heritage to the fullest. The Watersouls are a proud race and show little outward fear. While good-natured and somewhat playful among their own kind, they behave with slightly more reserve and seriousness in the company of non-Watersouls. They have
excellent emotional control, and can edge their tempers from calm to raging and back again within but a few minutes. While some might dub their behavior erratic, Watersouls are simply a bit more outwardly melodramatic than most races. Certainly, they are not moody and do not become angered, excited, or otherwise emotional without provocation. As close friends, some find them overly possessive, though they are also extremely protective of those they care about. Watersouls tend to settle near water, usually in warmer climates. Though land-dwellers, they spend a fair amount of time in the water. For this reason, most dress sparsely, wearing only enough clothing to protect themselves from
the elements, and few wear shoes. They avoid wearing jewelry around their necks and keep their hair slicked back and tied into tight knots. This prevents hair or other objects from becoming a distraction or hindrance while swimming. Similarly, Watersouls pursuing martial classes choose weapons that they can wield efficiently on land as well as in water.

Physical Description: Watersouls display a wide variation of skin tones, ranging from pale turquoise to deep blue to sea green. A Watersoul’s straight, thick hair tends to be of a similar, yet slightly darker color than her skin. All have limpid blue eyes. Physically, Watersouls most resemble humans, and their physiques show human diversity in regard to overall height and body type. Aside from their coloration, their most racially defining traits remain their fin-like ears and webbed hands and feet.

Society: Watersouls define themselves as a unique race and are capable of producing Watersoul offspring. While they remain able to interbreed with humans, they tend to keep
to themselves, and form small, reclusive communities near bodies of water, or in some cases, floating settlements.A typical Watersoul community lives under the guidance of a small council comprising officials appointed by consensus. Council positions can be held indefinitely, though a community unhappy with the performance of a council member can call for her resignation. Intermarriage in Watersoul communities is common, with children raised communally. A fair amount of regional diversity exists in Watersoul culture, as influenced by the specific ancestry of independent settlements. It should also be noted that not all Watersoul in a single settlement claim the same ancestry, as Watersouls may marry other Watersouls from outside their own communities.

Relations: Watersouls hold no biases or prejudices toward any particular races. Their communities rely primarily on trade, giving them ample opportunity to interact with a diverse range of outsiders and foreigners. They have no qualms about establishing neighborhoods within the settlements of other races, provided adequate respect is given to both the Watersouls and any nearby bodies of water. Still, in such instances, a given Watersoul community does what it can to retain its autonomy. Watersouls get along quite well with elves. Often these races share protective duties over forested lakes and streams. Similarly, they interact favorably with good or neutral aquatic humanoids, sharing many
common interests. They barter most freely with humans and dwarves for resources such as metal and cloth.

Alignment and Religion: Most Watersouls are neutral. Their principle interests lie in the welfare of their people, and thus their moral concerns focus upon the community and upon themselves. This neutral view also allows them to interact with a broad scope of non-genasi races with whom they trade. While not deeply religious, Watersouls possess a strong spiritual connection to both their supernatural ancestors and to water itself. Those who pursue non-secular paths almost always worship the gods of their ancestors or gods whose portfolios feature some aspect of water.

Adventurers: On occasion, an Watersoul leaves her people to seek out a life of adventure. Like water itself, some Watersouls simply feel compelled to move, and adventuring gives them an ample excuse for living on the road. Others adventure for less wholesome reasons, and exile is a common punishment for crimes within Watersoul society. With few other options, most exiles turn to adventuring hoping to find a new place in the world. Watersouls’ affinity toward water makes them particularly good druids, while undine sorcerers usually have aquatic bloodlines.

Male Names: Aven, Dharak, Ghiv, Jamash, Maakor, Ondir, Radid, Shiradahz.
Female Names: Afzara, Baarah, Calah, Iryani, Maarin, Nylgune, Pari, Radabeh, Urdahna.

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