Tarmalune, the wealthy, bustling, crossroads port city, is the cosmopolitan trading heart of its continent. Self-governing and fiercely independent, yet lacking a standing army, Tarmalune is the largest, wealthiest, and most socially prominent of the Windrise Ports (the independent cities on the eastern shores of the Dragon Sea). Only Imdolphyn dares to declare itself “the equal of Tarmalune,” and not even the richest Imdarm merchant-lords truly believe that boast.

Tarmalune has around 70,000 permanent residents (called “Tarralune”), and it hosts a constantly changing population of many more short-term visitors as ships dock or sail, caravans arrive or depart, and a steady stream of peddlers, traders, and seekers-after-fortune pass through its gates. Of old, the city was rightly called “Tarmalune Great Port” due to its wealth, mercantile ventures, tolerance, variety among citizens and outlanders, and constantly unfolding opportunities. Tarmalune is not a welcoming home to those who favor stability over change, or who trust in traditions and “old ways.” Each new month brings changes in fashions, ways of making things or doing business, and new faces rising to the center of attention in society, or seizing real power among Tarralune investors and traders.

City Wards:

The districts of Tarmalune are known as “wards” because a century ago each was separately governed by a warden. Today, they are merely neighborhoods, with formal boundaries that aren’t visually apparent to the visitor. However, every Tarmalune “knows” vividly what each ward is like—in local stereotypes that refuse to fade. (Despite this, almost every sort of citizen, building, and activity can be found in any ward.)


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