With a population of 24,750, twice that number live in numerous villages around the Bay of Pearls, the inhabitants of Sambral are mostly human, with a significant population of dwarves and dragonborn. Because of Sambral’s impressive port, travelers of all races pass through regularly. Sambral is a city-state ruled by the Twelve Lords – an oligarchic council. The Twelve appoint the Grand Marshal and the Grand Admiral and can dismiss them at any time. The Sambrese Sentinels protect the city, keep peace on the streets, and act as marines. Led by the Grand Marshal, the Sentinels number nearly 1,000 and are based out of the Pearl Citadel. Sambral maintains a navy of four galleys, commanded by the Grand Admiral, which spends most of its time hunting down pirates.

City Districts:

The city is divided into five districts.

The Bayside
The First Rise
The Second Rise
The High Rise
The Pearl Citadel

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