With roughly a population of 12,000, an accurate count is difficult as large numbers of adventurers and drifters constantly move through the city on a regular basis. The city is run by the Merchant’s Guild. The shipping and mining members of the Merchant’s Guild hire bands of adventurers to police the city, leaving the enforcement of order somewhat haphazard. What would be considered minor crimes, such as vandalism or noise disputes, are usually dealt by local citizens and a stout club. Serious crimes, such as arson or murder, eventually attract the attention of hired adventurers who trounce the offenders and deliver the offender into indentured servitude in one of the nearby mines or quarries. The Merchants Guild of Ramekho maintains a force of approximately 500 adventurers who patrol the city and drive off any raiders that trouble the quarries and shipping lanes.

City Districts:

There are three districts in Ramekho.

The Slag
The Hills

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