Genasi are the physical manifestations of the Elemental Chaos, and their fiery nature churns within, giving them power to overcome difficult challenges. Each genasi comes from a different part of the Elemental Chaos— Airsoul Genasi are born from the raging winds that Thundersoul Genasi also originated from; Earthsoul Genasi were forged from the very earth twisted by the various chaotic elements that swarm around the earthen halls; Firesoul Genasi are the embodiment of their malevolent flames; Watersoul Genasi are formed by the calm currents within the tormenting seas of the chaos. Although most genasi are descended from the powerful genie races (most often the dao, djinn, efreet, and marid), most genasi have no contact with their elemental forbears. Usually, genies look down upon genasi as bastard half-breeds and rarely will respond positively to one they meet. However, when amongst the mortals, genasi take great pride in their distinctive features and abilities.
Physical Description: Genasi have a basic humanoid structure, but resemble more of elementals, or more specifically the archons. A genasi’s body may be carved with eccentric patterns which reveals their glowing cores— their life force. Many genasi belive in the nature of Arcane, and have a firm jurisdiction that the arcane energies originated from the Chaos that they had come from. Naturally they are servants, for they had originally served the djinn, efreets, and other primordial creatures. Their boundless nature was overtaken by their need to explore the world beyond their small prisons. As a result, the Genasi rebelled against their owners. In return, the genasi would have to suffer the consequences of these markings upon their skin. Many of these markings came from the djinn, but some are physical scratches from primordial creatures.

Elemental Manifestations:
Earthsoul – Brown-skinned genasi most often bald with golden szuldar that glow along the head.

Firesoul – Red or ruddy bronze skinned genasi with fiery orange szuldar and eyes and flickering flames that usually erupt from the lines located on the head.

Watersoul – Genasi with seafoam green skin and bright blue szuldar that glow along the head.

Windsoul – Genasi with silvery skin, light blue szuldar, and most often a set of gray ice crystal spikes along the top of the head.

Society: Because of their roots in the powers of the Elemental Chaos genasi are by nature changeable and contradictory, meaning most generalizations of the race are hard to justify. However, it is probably fair to say that the psychology of a genasi often depends vastly on what elemental manifestation is manifested by the individual in question and many genasi who can manifest in more than one way think of themselves as possessing multiple personalities. One of the traits found commonly amongst all genasi is a strong sense of ambition. All genasi have a desire to better themselves and advance their status, either through pursuit of power, the acquisition of friends, or other means. Nearly all genasi have dreams and aspirations and will pursue these goals throughout their life and though few genasi are truly patient so strong are their passions for these goals that they will often continue to follow them even long after individuals of other races would have given up and moved on. Genasi have a strong ability to adapt, perhaps only superseded by humans in this regard, and embrace change as an inevitability or even something to be relished. Even lawful genasi embrace this change, and genasi of all kinds value the possibilities the future may bring, such as new allies or new opportunities. In many ways, genasi are the most flexible of races, less stubborn and more willing to accept new ideas for better or worse.

Relations: Though genasi can be extremely passionate in a way that might seem violent, the race as a whole has a love for family and friends, to the point that few genasi marriages end in divorce. Most genasi families are immensely large and the genasi as a whole look upon every genasi as a potential relative to the point of referring to those they meet as “brother,” “sister,” or “cousin.” Of all the races, probably the elves view genasi with the least trust, viewing the genasi’s impulsive nature and strong passions with a little disdain. Genasi have a strong dislike for dragonborn; meetings between the two races often end in combat.

Alignment and Religion: One of the fundamental conflicts that belies all genasi is the battle between order and chaos. Regardless of the race’s origins most genasi philosophers believe the genasi are meant to serve one force or the other. By nature, genasi are inherently chaotic and passionate creatures who lack the ability to be stoic or truly hide their emotions. Even the most disciplined of the race are extremely passionate by the standards of other races and rage with more anger and cry with more sorrow than those of other races. Even so, genasi are not necessarily chaotic and the race as a whole is balanced between those who serve order and those who serve chaos. Some genasi strive to conquer their strong passions and believe they were meant by the gods to convert chaos into law. These genasi are among the most lawful beings of the world, first conquering their own emotions and then seek out other sources of chaos to stamp out and replace with order. These genasi seek only to fit in with those around them and to prevent their passions from controlling their actions. Many of these genasi are good and benevolent individuals but these genasi are also sometimes led astray by their obsessive taste for order, imposing law through force rather than example or argument. Other genasi embrace their wild and unpredictable nature, seeing themselves as chaos incarnate. Just as many genasi of the opposite viewpoint see themselves as agents of divine order these genasi believe they were created by the primordials to spread liberty. Genasi of this mindset most often give free reign to their passions and can be best described as excitable and wildly emotional. But while these genasi can easily give into selfish desire and evil just as many are servants of good, freeing others from oppressive tyranny or weakening the foundations upon which the corrupt stand. Genasi generally favor godlike beings that tie into their natural abilities and portfolio, such as the primordials Akadi, Kossuth, Grumbar, or Istishia.

Adventurers: Genasi are independent minded as a whole and can be fickle, they find the adventuring lifestyle to be thrilling.

*Although most genasi draw upon the energies of the four classical elemental planes, a few genasi have been known to manifest para-elemental powers. A rare number are instead touched by the power of the Abyss.

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