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  • You’re Getting Warmer

    The PCs realized that they must travel to [[Ramekho | Ramekho]] with great haste, in the hope locating the cult before the cultists found out they were coming after them. However their speedy sea voyage is interrupted by an impromptu fire in the cargo …

  • Ramekho

    With roughly a population of 12,000, an accurate count is difficult as large numbers of adventurers and drifters constantly move through the city on a regular basis. The city is run by the Merchant's Guild. The shipping and mining members of the Merchant’ …

  • Dockside

    The largest district in Ramekho is called Dockside. Made up of the docks and warehouses that line the river and seafront. It is always busy and smells strongly of fish. [[The Angry Octopus]] •Back to [[Ramekho]]

  • The Angry Octopus

    The patrons of this tavern are rather angry and are weary of outsiders. Because the drunken patrons are always spoiling for a fight, if anyone asks about any "cult activity," a brawl will most likely occur. [[File:428775 | class=media-item-align- …