A Sound Of Thunder

Welcome to Tarmalune
Arrived in Tarmalune

The characters arrived in Tarmalune traveling together aboard the same ship; the group soon came upon an altercation involving a press gang and one lone Tiefling (PC). After defeating the press gang, the adventurers discover a nearby wagon and locked inside are people who the press gang had already rounded up. As the newly-formed party investigated, a rain of fire descended upon the area, setting the wagon aflame. The draft animals bolted, taking the flaming wagon on a harrowing trip through the streets. The heroes successfully stopped the wagon and saved the people locked inside it. A Firequencher and a Vigilant squad appeared on the scene to put out any remaining fires and to restore order; they quickly chided the adventurers for interfering.

7275046200_b783547e51.jpgAfter some brief introductions, a large cargo crate came crashing down. Found inside was a six foot plus suit of armor packed in sand. Upon reviewing his manifest, the dock foreman, discovered that the crate was not listed on the ship’s manifest. Being reluctant to fill out additional paperwork, the foreman quickly offered to part with the contents for a modest “shipping fee.” While reviewing their purchase, the PCs find amongst the sand debris a non-descript metal scroll-tube. The contents, once read brought the once inert suit to life; eager to please those around him, the now living armor joined the party as a new member.

Soon after, a young lad found the PCs on their way to the Inn and requested that they visit his master, Halagothra; a renowned healer. When the party arrived at Halagothra’s mansion, she performed her “laying on hands” talent, instantly healing the injured. She told the group about her concerns regarding the press gang’s recent activities throughout the city, and that the recent increase in abductions have so far remained below the attention of the city watch. Halagothra requested that the adventuers please put a stop to the kidnappings.

The party’s first stop on their investigation was to The Black Boot, a notorious sailors’ tavern, the heroes then followed a lead to The Golden Teacup, a hot new gambling club in Tarmalune, to find out more info on whom is behind the press gangs. Their investigational talents led to a Tarn-trader named Elalaran. As the group went to confront Elalaran at his dockside warehouse, the party was ambushed by Goblin sell-swords.We-Be-Goblins.jpg After defeating the Goblin sell-swords, the heroes gained entry into the warehouse where Elalaran waited for them.

With Elalaran defeated, the adventurers discovered the press gangs’ remaining prisoners. The prisoners then related to the party that three of them were taken by a group of brown robed people who kept their faces hidden; one of the robed people used a sparkling crystal to look at them before taking them away.

Upon regaining consciousness, Elalaran confirmed this. Elalaran explains that those taken by the robed people are special, but he had no further specifics.

The party resumed their investigation the next day at Haven Tower, the location of Tarmalune’s hall of records. There the PCs discovered the warehouse is owned by a man named Lekaral, who is from an old-money family whose resources and wealth were drained away through mismanagement and misfortune. The heroes decided to confront Lekaral directly, and followed his trail to an old asylum, a tall stone building showing signs of age and lack of care. Lekaral invited the adventurers into the courtyard and was a cordial host, until one of the heroes said something distressing, and caused him to panic.Old_Asylum.jpg

Lighting The Fire
We don't need no water

Old_Asylum.jpgThe PCs confronted Lekaral in his mansion, a tall stone building showing signs of age and lack of care. Lekaral invited the PCs in and was a cordial host at first. At some point, a PC said something distressing, causing Lekaral to panic and he ordered his servants to attack the PCs. After defeating them, the PCs learned that Lekaral is nothing more than a changeling double.

The PCs explored the strange mansion/former sanitarium, in search of the prisoners and the real Lekaral. Delving deep down into the sub-levels they discovered a sadist and his pet guard drakes; which the PCs quickly dispatched. Working together, the PCs also disarmed an arcane trap barring passage into the next room; there the PCs found the missing prisoners in a strange and guarded chamber, strapped down to tables and all of whom were catatonic. The PCs discovered cryptic and mysterious experiments, all of which had to do with the Raging Flame, the hundred-foot tall pillar of fire that burns constantly in the center of Tarmalune. However, one prisoner was missing and notes showed that, “they are undergoing an experiment this very moment.”

Springing into action, the PCs headed to the roof in search of Lekaral and the cultists and as the PCs confronted them, a sudden storm struck. As the storm raged, the PCs did battle with the cultists and the hazards of the storm. With more than half the PCs unconscious, things seemed bleak, until a well placed shot sent Lekaral reeling. As Lekaral fell, he cried out, “Awaken Achazar, awaken.” flame.jpg
Just then a ball of roiling fire appeared overhead, sending fiery tendrils lashing out, singeing all but Lekaral who it enveloped. A blazing tendril seared the flesh from Lekaral’s face, leaving behind a blackened skull.

After informing the authorities of what the PCs discovered, the people of Tarmalune found out that the press gangs were the work of evil cultists; the people were outraged and demanded that a law be enacted to make pressganging illegal, and Halagothra herself had went before the council, pleading the populace’s case. It came as no surprise when the council unanimously voted to outlaw press gangs.

As for the Raging Flame, it still burns…

The Flame Has Left a Mark
Magical Sigil

You have gained the attention of the Cult of the Reborn Flame! In addition, you have received a unique magical sigil upon your left cheek that is not visible by ordinary means, but can be magically detected. Attempts to remove it fail.


In Fair Sambral, Where We Lay Our Scene
Two rivals, both alike in dignity

The PCs defeated Lekaral, and discovered that he was part of a larger organization, The Cult of The Reborn Flame and that the rescued prisoners had been subjected to bizarre and mysterious experiments relating to The Raging Flame of Tarmalune; Lekaral had died in the fight, but the PCs were able learn that Lekaral was sent from Sambral, another port city, to oversee the advanced operations in Tarmalune.

Sambral.jpgFollowing up on the information gathered from the cultists and other agents of The Reborn Flame in Tarmalune, the PCs traveled to Sambral in the Windrise Ports. On their way there, they heard rumors of strange occurrences like mysterious disappearances, charred bodies, and hot-blooded tempers that would lead to violent duels in the streets.

While searching for clues on The Cult of Reborn Flame in Sambral, they discovered they were not alone in investigating these strange disappearances. Enaridas Vardane, an Inquisitive was also on the case, however he too had turned up missing over the course of his personal investigation.

After discovering the Inquisitive’s case notes that were hidden in his former apartment, the PCs were spontaneously confronted by a troupe of Sambrese bravos who challenged the PCs to an “epic duel,” and to refuse such a decree would be “an affront to [their] honor, and [their] family’s honor.” After the “battle”, the PCs and the Peerless Champions met at a tavern to celebrate their new friendship. Their leader, Myrelas the Gallant, informed the PCs of all he knew regarding the mysterious disappearances, and humbly requested the PCs to look into the disappearance of Iphimedra, one of the members of the Peerless Champions. Upon departing company, Myrelas gave one of the PCs a gift in the form of a magic rapier.

The Sweet Smell of Success
Strictly for the birds

Through their new contact, Myrelas, the PCs learn of Davien Mecatoris, a young scion of a very rich family who owns multiple ships; Davien, also a bravo and the leader of the Flashing Blade At Dusk troupe, was investigating the disappearances around town, until he too was abducted. But unlike the others, Davien survived the experience and managed to escape the cult’s clutches. Having been found by the Sentinels, a local police force, Davien was covered in severe burns from head to toe and raving nonsense; his mind shattered by the near-death experience. The PCs however were able to make contact with the convalescing Davien and gleam an important clue to the location of the abductors.

Investigation of a high-end incense shop led the PCs to a secret door in the sub-levels, that could only be opened via an intricate formula. Once past those doors, an antechamber revealed troublesome guards, as well as a clay homunculi. Beyond that was a small side room containing cult paraphernalia. This gave the PCs a chance to disguise themselves in the garb of the cultists.

The PCs, now in the guise of cultist, proceeded to seamlessly blend in with the revelers in the den of inequity below. As the wine and gossip flowed, the PCs endeared themselves to the cult initiates. But before they could learn of the cult’s long-term plans, the festivities were interrupted by that evening’s performance, a sacrifice.
The PCs followed the others down a long corridor that revealed a large arena at the end; below three prisoners were shackled, each to a different pillar. As the iron gate below slowly rose, a large avian-like creature, shrouded in flames, strode in. It’s massive wingspan flickered flames that seared the flesh of the prisoner closest to it. It’s steely gaze affixed upon the sacrifice, ever ready to enjoy its crispy meal. Without hesitation, the PCs rushed to the rescue by leaping down into the pit; there the long and arduous battle began. With lack of forethought for personal safety, the PCs maintained a constant offensive on the bird, until it too was finally extinguished.

With very little time for celebration, their host let himself be known. Bazamarl stood at the edge of the pit, cursing the PCs for slaying his beloved pet. A crooked smile crossed his face as he order his dragonborn servants to dispatch the interlopers. As the PCs bravely fought off the savage dragonborn, Bazamarl himself through necrotic flames from above, blinding those it enshrouded. With much effort and divine fortune behind them, the PCs fought back the cultists and defeated Bazamarl.

The remaining cultists, left without a leader and in shock of what transpired, fled; some back home, while others elsewhere, perhaps frightened of the law or just ashamed for participating in the deeds of a madman. Fortunately the PCs were able to uncover important information through personal notes and effects that Bazamarl was not acting alone, but had superiors based in Ramekho.

darkman.jpgAfter some much needed rest the PCs were met at the docks by Davien, though not fully recovered, he had since regained his senses. Davien generously rewarded the party with free use of a ship. Also at the docks was Myrelas, who wished to thank the party for rescuing his lady love. To no surprise, Davien and Myrelas let their tempers get the better of them, arguing which one of them was more grateful to the PCs. And they were both last seen engaging in over the top swordplay as The Soaring Stingray slid across the Bay of Pearls, leaving behind a resplendent Sambral.

Where Do Bad Folks Go When They Die?
You’re getting warmer

The PCs realized that they must travel to Ramekho with great haste, in the hope locating the cult before the cultists found out they were coming after them. However their speedy sea voyage is interrupted by an impromptu fire in the cargo hold of “The Soaring Stingray.”

firstangryocotpus.jpgForced to travel on foot, and short one party member, the brave PCs are ambushed by Kenku (humanoid bird-men) whom were apparently paid to intercept the party. Searching through the belongings of the Kenku, the PCs found a cryptic drawing of an octopus.

Once in Ramekho the PCs, tired and worn out from the journey, go in search of an inn; instead they find a seedy looking tavern adorned with a carving of an octopus carrying a trident.

bar_fight.jpgAfter upsetting the locals by asking about cult activity, a bar fight broke out. Outside the tavern the PCs are approached by a young girl who leads them to her grandfather, Rathloff, a citizen who has information about the cult. The PCs also make a shocking discovery, Rathloff was at one-time involved with Halagothra, and that the young girl is her granddaughter.

That afternoon, the PCs successfully reconned the quarry in order to infilitrate it that evening. For some it took a combination of athletic stealth, while other just used brazen guile to slip in; but once inside they deduced that the bulk of cult activities was occurring below ground within a sealed off inner compound. Inside the “lava tunnels” they interrupted a ceremony whose purpose was to cause a volcanic eruption and wipe out
a large section of the region, thus breaching the barrier between the Prime Material plane and the plane of Elemental Fire. This breach allowing the cult to gain the attention of the sleeping Dawn Titan.

After what is best described as a haphazard interrogation, the PC learn the location of the head cultist. Waiting for the next morning to strike, they discover their host, PyrultimusGeorgeHamilton.jpg, was awaiting the PCs’ arrival. While overlooking the battle from high-above, Pyrultimus gloated of his impending victory shortly before flying off into the distance. The PCs were able to successfully fend off the attack made by high-ranking members of the cult, a thoroughly motley crew cultists. A search of Pyrultimus’ home uncovers further evidence of how deep the cults claws are dug into the continent. Rathloff offers to contact the allies the PCs made on their journeys in order to rally assistance. But if the PCs are to have any hope of stopping Pyrultimus, they must travel to Harglast as soon as possible.

Strange Days Are These
How All This Came To Be

The characters stumbled upon strange goings-on in the port city of Tarmalune. After some investigation they discovered the presence of the Cult of Reborn Flame and confronted Lakeral, a member of the cult. Having killed Lakeral, they discovered that he was sent from Sambral to oversee cult operations in Tarmalune.

Traveling to Sambral to investigate further, they had discovered that other adventurers had also been on the trail of the cult. Using the knowledge of those before them, the PCs’ investigations lead to a perfume shop where they interrupted the cult’s ceremonial games and defeated the cultists there. Probing further into the cults dealings, the party learned that the cultists operating in Sambral were sent by their superiors in Ramekho.

Having to part ways with Eianthir Cloudchaser, so that he may further look into the cult and possibly recruit others to the cause, the adventurers traveled to Ramekho; along the way being attacked by hired goons sent on the cult’s behalf. Once in Ramekho, they investigated the cult’s work in the local mines and disrupted their activities. The party then went to confront the cult leader at his estate, only getting a brief glimpse of the leader before he escaped, leaving his henchmen to do all the dirty work. In the end, the group learned the cult leader was retreating to Harglast.

The Play's The Thing
Never Play Dice With Goblins

Reuniting with Eianthir, the party was introduced to two new compatriots-in-arms, Arcaranin de Eyllis-tlarn, an elven wizard, and Safeek Urganamov, a water genasi monk. Understanding that they shared common goals they embarked with the party to put an end to The Cult of the Reborn Flame.

Having followed up on the information they learned in Ramekho, the adventurers arrived in the port city of Harglast, intent upon the belief that the leader of the fire cult was residing within the city. Once out of the docks and well within the city walls, the expanded party traveled quickly to an old, abandoned playhouse that was owned by Pyrultimus believing it to be a safehouse by the cult. Upon entering the playhouse, the party surprised several cultists who were midway to setting ablaze the one-time theatre. After the battle, amidst the debris the party found Kalesstin, whom was taken hostage by the cultists. Kalesstin, grateful for the assistance, explained everything she knew about the cult, and advised the party to seek out Thelia Ondertos, proprietor of The Leaping Hart Tavern, and Puk, a local street urchin.

Knowing where to find Kalesstin, the party headed to her first. There the adventurers partook in drink, gossip, and even a rousing game of Goblin Dice. Some party members were able to earn Kalesstin’s trust, and confided in them that Halagothra was in town looking into the Cult’s activities. It was at this time that Aaliyah noticed a hooded individual had taken great interest in their activities at the tavern. Charging out the door, the mysterious stranger had been too quick for her and blended well with the hustle and bustle of the street.

Reforming, the party shared all that transpired and went off searching for Puk; finding him proved easier than initially assumed and the group was able to earn his trust too. Puk had previously witnessed strange activities performed by the cultists in the town’s graveyard, and afterwards stole a piece of tablet left behind. Very interested in this ceremony, the party asked to be taken to the site of said ritual. Upon arriving to the grounds, Puk beat a very hasty retreat; having no interest in knowing what (or who) the adventurers may discover.

A Grave Matter
Fortune Favors The Bold

As the party made haste to the graveyard, old arguments saw fresh light when the conversation regarding party member compensation was brought forth. Damzer had brought up how he felt slighted by the division of party treasure and receives very little (monetary) gratitude for his healing magics. Aaliyah wisely brought up that this was neither the time nor the place for such a discussion. Damzer angered at not having the last word decided to depart company for the time being and follow his own leads; OCI-10 decided to accompany him on this errand.

The remaining party members arrived at the Harglast graveyard; all was quiet, far away
from the noise of the city streets. The well managed grass was dotted grave stones of varying height and sizes, towards the middle stood the burned husk of a small but ancient mausoleum. Perhaps it was the atmosphere, or the time of night, but certain members of the party sensed eyes that watched over their activities here, though You see no person was in sight.

Eager to impress, Safeek bravely charged ahead. Were it not for his quickness, a bony hand would have pulled him under to join it in eternal slumber. As the other members of the group made way to join, more assailants stepped out from the shadows; a well-polished skeletal tiefling and a hobgoblin spellcaster. As the hobgoblin spellcaster rained fiery death upon the party, another set of eyes watched things unfold. From the darkness emerged a cloaked figure. Not knowing him to be friend or foe, Eianthir Cloudchaser unleashed a devasting attack with his quarterstaff upon the head of this new player. To everyone’s surprise this unknown person then began to assist the heroes in turning back the tide of undead.

As the smoke cleared, introductions were made. The unknown person was revealed to be a tiefling named Elgash Palantir, one time friend of _______, an inquisitive that was on the trail of The Cult of the Reborn Flame before meeting his demise at their hands. Eager to assist the party in anyway he can, Elgash officially offered his assistance to the party.

Using the recovered clay tablets, they were able to divine a map of ley lines that covered the area, on them were marked areas of high activity. Cross-referencing them with a proper map of Harglast they noticed that two of the marked places were familiar: the playhouse from earlier, and the graveyard they are currently located at. The third spot was a little known gambling den, a likely place to find the cultist if any. Without haste the brave adventurers made way.

More to come soon.

Forged In Battle
A Flock Around The Clock

Coming Soon:


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