A Sound Of Thunder

Lighting The Fire
We don't need no water

Old_Asylum.jpgThe PCs confronted Lekaral in his mansion, a tall stone building showing signs of age and lack of care. Lekaral invited the PCs in and was a cordial host at first. At some point, a PC said something distressing, causing Lekaral to panic and he ordered his servants to attack the PCs. After defeating them, the PCs learned that Lekaral is nothing more than a changeling double.

The PCs explored the strange mansion/former sanitarium, in search of the prisoners and the real Lekaral. Delving deep down into the sub-levels they discovered a sadist and his pet guard drakes; which the PCs quickly dispatched. Working together, the PCs also disarmed an arcane trap barring passage into the next room; there the PCs found the missing prisoners in a strange and guarded chamber, strapped down to tables and all of whom were catatonic. The PCs discovered cryptic and mysterious experiments, all of which had to do with the Raging Flame, the hundred-foot tall pillar of fire that burns constantly in the center of Tarmalune. However, one prisoner was missing and notes showed that, “they are undergoing an experiment this very moment.”

Springing into action, the PCs headed to the roof in search of Lekaral and the cultists and as the PCs confronted them, a sudden storm struck. As the storm raged, the PCs did battle with the cultists and the hazards of the storm. With more than half the PCs unconscious, things seemed bleak, until a well placed shot sent Lekaral reeling. As Lekaral fell, he cried out, “Awaken Achazar, awaken.” flame.jpg
Just then a ball of roiling fire appeared overhead, sending fiery tendrils lashing out, singeing all but Lekaral who it enveloped. A blazing tendril seared the flesh from Lekaral’s face, leaving behind a blackened skull.

After informing the authorities of what the PCs discovered, the people of Tarmalune found out that the press gangs were the work of evil cultists; the people were outraged and demanded that a law be enacted to make pressganging illegal, and Halagothra herself had went before the council, pleading the populace’s case. It came as no surprise when the council unanimously voted to outlaw press gangs.

As for the Raging Flame, it still burns…

Welcome to Tarmalune
Arrived in Tarmalune

The characters arrived in Tarmalune traveling together aboard the same ship; the group soon came upon an altercation involving a press gang and one lone Tiefling (PC). After defeating the press gang, the adventurers discover a nearby wagon and locked inside are people who the press gang had already rounded up. As the newly-formed party investigated, a rain of fire descended upon the area, setting the wagon aflame. The draft animals bolted, taking the flaming wagon on a harrowing trip through the streets. The heroes successfully stopped the wagon and saved the people locked inside it. A Firequencher and a Vigilant squad appeared on the scene to put out any remaining fires and to restore order; they quickly chided the adventurers for interfering.

7275046200_b783547e51.jpgAfter some brief introductions, a large cargo crate came crashing down. Found inside was a six foot plus suit of armor packed in sand. Upon reviewing his manifest, the dock foreman, discovered that the crate was not listed on the ship’s manifest. Being reluctant to fill out additional paperwork, the foreman quickly offered to part with the contents for a modest “shipping fee.” While reviewing their purchase, the PCs find amongst the sand debris a non-descript metal scroll-tube. The contents, once read brought the once inert suit to life; eager to please those around him, the now living armor joined the party as a new member.

Soon after, a young lad found the PCs on their way to the Inn and requested that they visit his master, Halagothra; a renowned healer. When the party arrived at Halagothra’s mansion, she performed her “laying on hands” talent, instantly healing the injured. She told the group about her concerns regarding the press gang’s recent activities throughout the city, and that the recent increase in abductions have so far remained below the attention of the city watch. Halagothra requested that the adventuers please put a stop to the kidnappings.

The party’s first stop on their investigation was to The Black Boot, a notorious sailors’ tavern, the heroes then followed a lead to The Golden Teacup, a hot new gambling club in Tarmalune, to find out more info on whom is behind the press gangs. Their investigational talents led to a Tarn-trader named Elalaran. As the group went to confront Elalaran at his dockside warehouse, the party was ambushed by Goblin sell-swords.We-Be-Goblins.jpg After defeating the Goblin sell-swords, the heroes gained entry into the warehouse where Elalaran waited for them.

With Elalaran defeated, the adventurers discovered the press gangs’ remaining prisoners. The prisoners then related to the party that three of them were taken by a group of brown robed people who kept their faces hidden; one of the robed people used a sparkling crystal to look at them before taking them away.

Upon regaining consciousness, Elalaran confirmed this. Elalaran explains that those taken by the robed people are special, but he had no further specifics.

The party resumed their investigation the next day at Haven Tower, the location of Tarmalune’s hall of records. There the PCs discovered the warehouse is owned by a man named Lekaral, who is from an old-money family whose resources and wealth were drained away through mismanagement and misfortune. The heroes decided to confront Lekaral directly, and followed his trail to an old asylum, a tall stone building showing signs of age and lack of care. Lekaral invited the adventurers into the courtyard and was a cordial host, until one of the heroes said something distressing, and caused him to panic.Old_Asylum.jpg


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