The Caves of Twilight

A moldy tome bound in a dark wooden cover


Mixed in with Rathloff’s other disturbing bits of lore, is a moldy tome bound in a dark wooden cover. Painted on the wooden cover is a faded scene of a blasted wasteland of snow and wind. A dark tower with one light shining from its highest window can be seen in the background. While the title displayed is “The Caves of Twilight,” the tome lists no author. Presented as a work of fiction, the tome describes one man’s journey to answer a call he hears only in his dreams. The voice eventually drives him to find a cave in the north reaches of the continent in a range of snowy mountains. Once inside the cave he begins to meet creatures clearly not of this world, and he is chased deeper and deeper into the caves until he crossed paths with the thing whose voice he hears in his dreams. The story ends with him willing walking into the embrace of the otherworldly thing. What is perhaps most disturbing, the story becomes more and more disjointed as it progresses as though the writer was suffering from some sort of malady that affected his reason. Two-thirds of the way through the story switches from third to first person perspective.


The Caves of Twilight

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