The Raging Flame

A hundred-foot tall pillar of fire that burns constantly in the center of Tarmalune.


The most striking sight in Tarmalune is the Raging Flame (the “Tongue of Fire” in more formal speech and to older Tarralune), a hundred-foot-tall pillar of tireless flames that burns constantly, in a cylinder that holds its shape even in gales, without fuel. Sailors use it as a beacon in the darkness or bad weather, since its light shines out to sea straight through the open (navigable) heart of the harbor. To Tarralune, it’s something “old, fell, and magical” that’s “always been there,” defying all attempts to extinguish it and seeming to know and strike out at persons who try (spitting gouts of flame for hundreds of feet that appear aimed at specific persons or buildings).


Hundreds of local tales, tall and otherwise, speak of this pillar of flame. Sometimes it features as an instrument of revenge, or it is portrayed as a fell monster harming those it dislikes and aiding those it favors. Some stories claim dueling wizards were transformed into it and are trapped within it even now; others insist it snatches and captures all manner of persons, transforming them into tormented flames and growing with each one it adds; and still other tales whisper that it’s used for sacrifices by dark cults who will one day rule all Tarmalune—cults perhaps based in Imdolphyn or other ports, who “seek to bring the Great Port down.” There is almost universal agreement in the city that the fires that have broken out in the past are somehow the work of the Raging Flame, no matter how distant they were from the site of the fiery pillar. Most Tarralune also agree that without the watchful wizards of the recently established Firequench Order keeping the Raging Flame in check, more fires would have devastated Tarmalune, or “a greater evil would have erupted in our fair city.”

The Raging Flame

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