The Order of Firequenchers

A self-appointed order that puts out fires.


The Order, originally a dozen named arcanists but now numbering almost twenty (including outlanders), go about cloaked and cowled in robes of purple; they wear masks beneath these outer coverings, and avoid giving their names. To Tarralune they are heroes, because they arrive swiftly to magically extinguish fires anywhere in the city, and because they seek to quench the Raging Flame, trying spell after spell to try to tame and lessen it. Thus far, however, their increasingly complicated rituals have been unsuccessful.


Formally the Guild of Firewatchers but now known to all Tarralune as “the Firequench Order” (and more often just “the Order”), this increasingly secretive cabal of urban mystics is now headquartered in Citadel Firequench, a basalt fortress built by a long-ago local sealord (pirate baron), then home to a succession of wealthy Tarralune, and recently used as a city jail. It faces the Raging Flame across the blackened foundations of fire-ravaged, ruined buildings that the council has ordered “never rebuilt, as long as the Flame endures.”

The Order of Firequenchers

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