The Council of Tarmalune

A ruling council made up of twenty people.


The twenty-strong Council of Tarmalune is made up of merchants from a wide variety of trades. Both genders and most races are represented, but “old wealthy human males” (of two sorts: the stubborn old-money council families and the aggressive self-made wealthy merchants) predominate in numbers and attitude.
The council meets every seven nights in a central hall in Haven Towers (where all its clerks and inspectors are also based, the Lord Speaker has an office, the Vigilant are headquartered, and there are lodgings for “honored guests” of the city such as visiting
envoys). This hall has chairs and tables for visitors to attend, both to make representations and listen, but in practice the council members have little tolerance for hecklers, and few councilors or the wider public bother to attend meetings. Majority votes decide city policy, and controversial matters might fill the chamber, resulting in rare daytime sessions before the next regular night meeting time. This sometimes causes absent councilors to be searched for and hounded to the hall by citizens. Most of the time, however, the majority of citizens grumble about what goes on in Haven Towers, but don’t bother to visit it, shrugging at the expected “inevitable” corruption and idiotic decisions, and instead get on with their own busy lives.


The Council of Tarmalune

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