Celestial Immortal of varying humanoid form that hails from the Astral Sea


Golden-hued and uncommonly beautiful, his exact appearance varies widely, except that he is significantly taller than a human. However, he is always marked by patterns of light and dark on his skin; these patterns may vary from more mundane hues like chalk white or black to otherworldly shades like gray, blue, or purple. No matter what his appearance, he always exhibits wings of some form.


It is unknown precisely how angels were first created. Some claim that the gods created the angels. Although, if they did this, it was not intentional and angels are themselves nearly as old as the first gods, having originated in the very first moments of the Astral Sea’s existence. However, whether or not the gods created the angels the latter soon served the former’s purpose, offering themselves as soldiers during the Dawn War. As a result, most today still serve gods, though not all do.

Compared with gods and exarchs, angels were far more interested in the affairs of the Prime Material Plane and other planes, acting both openly and secretly as agents in the mortal world.


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