Myrelas the Gallant

A Sambrese bravo and leader of the Peerless Champions


Changelings can look like anyone at any given time though they do have a true form. Their natural look can be scary to some due to their lack of detail and distinctive features. Their skin tone is always pale, the darkest tone some have is a light grey. They have large white eyes but have no pupils and are circled by thick black rings. Their noses are small and subtle with no detail. The changeling’s body structures are slender, even more so than elves and border on being frail. Their hair color is most commonly a light shade of silver followed by platinum and blonde. In rarer cases their hair can be pale shades of green, pink and blue. Also similar to elves the changeling lack body and facial hair.


Myrelas is the leader of the Peerless Champions, a Sambrese bravo troupe. And as such, Myrelas has sworn an oath to not impersonate another person; “only darkness lies that way,” and he refuses to succumb to the dark history of his race.

Iphimedra, a fellow changeling, has recently gone missing. Myrelas asked the PCs to rescue her from her kidnappers, however, he cannot give a description of her because she is a changeling and changes her appearance often.

Myrelas knows of the doppelganger that pretended to be Lekaral in Tarmalune; he disliked that changeling for having no honor or taste, and is not upset that he was apprehended.

Myrelas the Gallant

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