Hamminas Dorn

Lord Speaker and head of The Vigilant.


Tarmalune is (loosely) ruled by the Lord Speaker of the council, wily old Hamminas Dorn, a goodhearted, retired adventurer who used the backing of rich, aging Tarralune traders who’d become fed up with increasing city lawlessness (arson, thefts, vandalism, and back alley gang intimidations, done by “skulks” hired by merchants warring with merchant rivals) to establish a governing council and an armed police force, the Vigilant, headed by him.
Most Tarralune grudgingly regard their Lord Speaker as both vitally necessary and competent.
Dorn is a tall, gaunt, weathered old man with flashing eyes, bristling brows, and a voice that can thunder or cajole. He appears never to grow tired or to stop thinking ahead, and he is a consummate actor.


Dorn wars endlessly against defiant merchants, the usual thieves and smugglers (merchant shippers who avoid various city taxes through deception, covering an incoming cargo of something highly taxed with a layer of something taxed at a far lower rate), and council members who believe he should be their mouthpiece and nothing more.
Dorn wisely has been training many of his eighty-some Vigilant “trusties” to replace him as Speaker, in case a slayer’s dagger ever finds his throat.

Hamminas Dorn

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