A Sound Of Thunder

Where Do Bad Folks Go When They Die?

You’re getting warmer

The PCs realized that they must travel to Ramekho with great haste, in the hope locating the cult before the cultists found out they were coming after them. However their speedy sea voyage is interrupted by an impromptu fire in the cargo hold of “The Soaring Stingray.”

firstangryocotpus.jpgForced to travel on foot, and short one party member, the brave PCs are ambushed by Kenku (humanoid bird-men) whom were apparently paid to intercept the party. Searching through the belongings of the Kenku, the PCs found a cryptic drawing of an octopus.

Once in Ramekho the PCs, tired and worn out from the journey, go in search of an inn; instead they find a seedy looking tavern adorned with a carving of an octopus carrying a trident.

bar_fight.jpgAfter upsetting the locals by asking about cult activity, a bar fight broke out. Outside the tavern the PCs are approached by a young girl who leads them to her grandfather, Rathloff, a citizen who has information about the cult. The PCs also make a shocking discovery, Rathloff was at one-time involved with Halagothra, and that the young girl is her granddaughter.

That afternoon, the PCs successfully reconned the quarry in order to infilitrate it that evening. For some it took a combination of athletic stealth, while other just used brazen guile to slip in; but once inside they deduced that the bulk of cult activities was occurring below ground within a sealed off inner compound. Inside the “lava tunnels” they interrupted a ceremony whose purpose was to cause a volcanic eruption and wipe out
a large section of the region, thus breaching the barrier between the Prime Material plane and the plane of Elemental Fire. This breach allowing the cult to gain the attention of the sleeping Dawn Titan.

After what is best described as a haphazard interrogation, the PC learn the location of the head cultist. Waiting for the next morning to strike, they discover their host, PyrultimusGeorgeHamilton.jpg, was awaiting the PCs’ arrival. While overlooking the battle from high-above, Pyrultimus gloated of his impending victory shortly before flying off into the distance. The PCs were able to successfully fend off the attack made by high-ranking members of the cult, a thoroughly motley crew cultists. A search of Pyrultimus’ home uncovers further evidence of how deep the cults claws are dug into the continent. Rathloff offers to contact the allies the PCs made on their journeys in order to rally assistance. But if the PCs are to have any hope of stopping Pyrultimus, they must travel to Harglast as soon as possible.


List of Treasure recovered from the adventure:

Holy Symbol of Life +1
Acrobatic Boots
Shadow Leather Armor +1
Wand of ???
Thundering War Hammer +1
Basket Of Everlasting Provisions
Spidersilk Mantle
Scroll of Endure Elements
Scroll of Tenser’s Floating Disk
The Caves of Twilight


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