A Sound Of Thunder

The Sweet Smell of Success

Strictly for the birds

Through their new contact, Myrelas, the PCs learn of Davien Mecatoris, a young scion of a very rich family who owns multiple ships; Davien, also a bravo and the leader of the Flashing Blade At Dusk troupe, was investigating the disappearances around town, until he too was abducted. But unlike the others, Davien survived the experience and managed to escape the cult’s clutches. Having been found by the Sentinels, a local police force, Davien was covered in severe burns from head to toe and raving nonsense; his mind shattered by the near-death experience. The PCs however were able to make contact with the convalescing Davien and gleam an important clue to the location of the abductors.

Investigation of a high-end incense shop led the PCs to a secret door in the sub-levels, that could only be opened via an intricate formula. Once past those doors, an antechamber revealed troublesome guards, as well as a clay homunculi. Beyond that was a small side room containing cult paraphernalia. This gave the PCs a chance to disguise themselves in the garb of the cultists.

The PCs, now in the guise of cultist, proceeded to seamlessly blend in with the revelers in the den of inequity below. As the wine and gossip flowed, the PCs endeared themselves to the cult initiates. But before they could learn of the cult’s long-term plans, the festivities were interrupted by that evening’s performance, a sacrifice.
The PCs followed the others down a long corridor that revealed a large arena at the end; below three prisoners were shackled, each to a different pillar. As the iron gate below slowly rose, a large avian-like creature, shrouded in flames, strode in. It’s massive wingspan flickered flames that seared the flesh of the prisoner closest to it. It’s steely gaze affixed upon the sacrifice, ever ready to enjoy its crispy meal. Without hesitation, the PCs rushed to the rescue by leaping down into the pit; there the long and arduous battle began. With lack of forethought for personal safety, the PCs maintained a constant offensive on the bird, until it too was finally extinguished.

With very little time for celebration, their host let himself be known. Bazamarl stood at the edge of the pit, cursing the PCs for slaying his beloved pet. A crooked smile crossed his face as he order his dragonborn servants to dispatch the interlopers. As the PCs bravely fought off the savage dragonborn, Bazamarl himself through necrotic flames from above, blinding those it enshrouded. With much effort and divine fortune behind them, the PCs fought back the cultists and defeated Bazamarl.

The remaining cultists, left without a leader and in shock of what transpired, fled; some back home, while others elsewhere, perhaps frightened of the law or just ashamed for participating in the deeds of a madman. Fortunately the PCs were able to uncover important information through personal notes and effects that Bazamarl was not acting alone, but had superiors based in Ramekho.

darkman.jpgAfter some much needed rest the PCs were met at the docks by Davien, though not fully recovered, he had since regained his senses. Davien generously rewarded the party with free use of a ship. Also at the docks was Myrelas, who wished to thank the party for rescuing his lady love. To no surprise, Davien and Myrelas let their tempers get the better of them, arguing which one of them was more grateful to the PCs. And they were both last seen engaging in over the top swordplay as The Soaring Stingray slid across the Bay of Pearls, leaving behind a resplendent Sambral.


List of Treasure recovered from the adventure:

Luckblade +1
Chime of Awakening
Bloodcut armor +1
Ironskin Belt
Scroll of Detect Secret Doors
Scroll of Magic Circle

The Sweet Smell of Success

Still writing in her journal pre-described******
Dear Mother, how I miss your sage advice. Since my travels started based off of a dream (or was it a vision?) things have been happening quickly. I’ve been having more of this dreams/visions, and strangely enough they continue to come true. Even more strangely, I think I may have met my father or a friend of my father’s, or again was it just a dream. Then again, do you normally take things from your dreams out into the real world? I was walking in the real world and thought it was a dream. Even though I’m writing this in a way that very few should be able to read, I just want to make sure I don’t tell too much as well. I’m not sure what I should and should not be telling. Either way, Mother, let me go back to where I left off in my last entry. We investigated (my companions and myself) this cult. Well, it seems they are kidnapping and killing individuals, but I do not know why.

As luck would have it, we had an opportunity to talk to a lone survivor, though he was badly injured. For some reason, something he mentioned when I was talking to him remind me of my dream / vision, and I mentioned to him a single word that came to my thoughts from my dream. It seemed to upset him greatly, and he started rambling and looked more frightened than I had ever seen before. So again, this is proof that my dreams are visions. Are my visions part dreams or is there something more going on? I’m losing focus again. Ultimately, the information the survivor gave us took us to a shop of incense and perfumes where we were able to find not only a new path, but were able to socialize with some of the missing, cultists and, I suspect, recruits in a casual setting to try to gather more information on who’s behind this and why. Unfortunately, we didn’t get deep into the investigation before they tried to do sacrifice some people, one of them being the lady love of the individual to whom I promised to try to bring her back. I had to do what was right, Mother. The pain was excruciating, and again, I need much better armor. In fact, I’m thinking magical may be the only thing that will help me in the long run. I do believe what we battled was a Phoenix, which in this case he was keeping as a pet and sacrificing people to. Normally, if we had left him alive long enough, I would have questioned him as to why he picked some of the missing to be sacrifices and others to be recruits. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem really keen to lose the battle without losing his life.

In good news I can save some funds with my travels. As a thank-you gift, we were given a ship by the survivor, Davien, to continue our investigation on this cult. I was also invited to Myrela’s wedding, however I doubt we will return in time to make that engagement. While I may not have agreed with the ways of the city, I do wish we had had more time. I’m curious to understand how this culture was created and why it exists.

We have always been trained that swords are weapons, but here they seem to take quite a different view, and now that I feel like I could trust them, at least in a fight, it would have been interesting to gain knowledge of how this city came to be. But we have our next clue in hand and wind in our sails. I don’t think I’ll get my answers anytime soon.

The Sweet Smell of Success

+25 XP to Aaliyah

The Sweet Smell of Success

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