A Sound Of Thunder

Strange Days Are These

How All This Came To Be

The characters stumbled upon strange goings-on in the port city of Tarmalune. After some investigation they discovered the presence of the Cult of Reborn Flame and confronted Lakeral, a member of the cult. Having killed Lakeral, they discovered that he was sent from Sambral to oversee cult operations in Tarmalune.

Traveling to Sambral to investigate further, they had discovered that other adventurers had also been on the trail of the cult. Using the knowledge of those before them, the PCs’ investigations lead to a perfume shop where they interrupted the cult’s ceremonial games and defeated the cultists there. Probing further into the cults dealings, the party learned that the cultists operating in Sambral were sent by their superiors in Ramekho.

Having to part ways with Eianthir Cloudchaser, so that he may further look into the cult and possibly recruit others to the cause, the adventurers traveled to Ramekho; along the way being attacked by hired goons sent on the cult’s behalf. Once in Ramekho, they investigated the cult’s work in the local mines and disrupted their activities. The party then went to confront the cult leader at his estate, only getting a brief glimpse of the leader before he escaped, leaving his henchmen to do all the dirty work. In the end, the group learned the cult leader was retreating to Harglast.



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