A Sound Of Thunder

In Fair Sambral, Where We Lay Our Scene

Two rivals, both alike in dignity

The PCs defeated Lekaral, and discovered that he was part of a larger organization, The Cult of The Reborn Flame and that the rescued prisoners had been subjected to bizarre and mysterious experiments relating to The Raging Flame of Tarmalune; Lekaral had died in the fight, but the PCs were able learn that Lekaral was sent from Sambral, another port city, to oversee the advanced operations in Tarmalune.

Sambral.jpgFollowing up on the information gathered from the cultists and other agents of The Reborn Flame in Tarmalune, the PCs traveled to Sambral in the Windrise Ports. On their way there, they heard rumors of strange occurrences like mysterious disappearances, charred bodies, and hot-blooded tempers that would lead to violent duels in the streets.

While searching for clues on The Cult of Reborn Flame in Sambral, they discovered they were not alone in investigating these strange disappearances. Enaridas Vardane, an Inquisitive was also on the case, however he too had turned up missing over the course of his personal investigation.

After discovering the Inquisitive’s case notes that were hidden in his former apartment, the PCs were spontaneously confronted by a troupe of Sambrese bravos who challenged the PCs to an “epic duel,” and to refuse such a decree would be “an affront to [their] honor, and [their] family’s honor.” After the “battle”, the PCs and the Peerless Champions met at a tavern to celebrate their new friendship. Their leader, Myrelas the Gallant, informed the PCs of all he knew regarding the mysterious disappearances, and humbly requested the PCs to look into the disappearance of Iphimedra, one of the members of the Peerless Champions. Upon departing company, Myrelas gave one of the PCs a gift in the form of a magic rapier.


Still writing in her journal pre-described******

“Welcome to Sambral in the Windrise Ports. Here I am at a new city with only one thing in mind— finding the reborn flame and seeing what the mark I have been given means. Let me explain. After the battle with the local leader in Tarmalune, my companions and I were left with a unique magical sigil not visible but by magical means. Any & all attempts to remove it has failed, which is why we are now in Sambral.

While in the last city, it seems that only the newly-arrived or less likely to be seen as missing were disappearing into the cults’ hands. This city seems to have many people at all status levels disappearing. We had discovered from the leader that they’re looking for individuals with Dragonborn blood by using a crystal, for reasons that are outlined in a book. While gathering information, we gathered a few names, one of which being Enaridas Vardane, an individual like ourselves who was looking into the missing people. Regretfully we never met the man, but he did leave behind some useful information.

While trying to follow up on this information we met another colorful individual and his people, who sought to get us acquainted with new laws in a new city so that we have new understanding. I’m not pleased with how they handle swords in this city. It seems anyone out in the open, for no apparent reason, can challenge anyone else to a duel. It doesn’t seem to matter if they know how to handle a sword or not, you’re expected to participate using only a sword as a point of honor. I find this honor code disturbing, stupid, and foolishly dangerous, but they’re not my rules. I would not have even considered being part of one, but Myrelas the Gallant (as “he” calls himself) and his colleagues challenged me & my companions. And while things nearly ended very badly for him, luck was on his sideā€¦ this time. We ended the day with allies, a new lead, and another promise to someone… whom I trust as much as I trust his “good judgement” that a sword is a weapon to be used in sport."


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